Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mini Scrap Exchange: DeAnn Jeremy

DeAnn took a print that wasn't working as well as she had hoped and turned it into three mini prints.  Who would've thought?  Aren't they interesting?  Who doesn't love saving a "lost" printing and making it whole again?


[ This is one is 2"x2" ]


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mini Scrap Exchange: Olivia Thornton

Now, if I would've scanned that back of this one, 
you would know it's a sticker too!  
Double win!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Art:Toe: Last Ticket Pick!

My Fellow Art:Toers,

Tis down to the last ticket pick of the 2014 Exchange!  It is our last chance to win big.  The pot is sitting at $127 million dollars with a cash option of $81 million.  Now, if you think about it, they'll take about 40% of the $81 mil equalling about $48,600,000.  Now, dividing that by the total participants this year, 13, we'd be looking at [very approximate mind you] $3,7384,642 each.  What do you all think?  Would it do for you?  Could you pay off all your debt? Help a friend? Start a nonprofit? Retire? Follow a dream? Travel? Quit that job you may not love? Buy a home? Donate away? Build a mini studio? Get an education? Sing a song of joy?


  • Pay off all my debt & invest properly!
  • Build a tiny house!
  • Be sustainable & responsible w/solar power, gardening, & live stock! 
  • Build an art studio - perhaps create a residency!
  • Be thankful and filled with gratitude!
  • Donate my time/energies with habitat for humanity & more!
  • Start a family!
  • Spend more time in the outdoors & travel!

Time to get the good vibes out there folks!

[ MegaMillions ]
Friday February 27th, 2014: 
25 • 43 • 50 • 51 • 72 : 15

Gardening: So Ready

Sure, there is still plenty of snow on the ground, it just snowed this past weekend, and they're calling for a bit more later in the week, but I am oh-so very ready for spring to arrive.  In preparation, I ordered these Heirloom Seeds to add to our mix of goods, which I am oh-so stoked about.  Mmm, perhaps I over ordered a bit:

Rainbow Carrot Blend
Certified Organic Winter Bloomsdale Spinach
Black Cherry Tomato
Blondkopfchen Tomato
Early Siberian Kale
Walla Walla Onion
Chippolini Red Onion
Mini Yellow Bell Pepper
Black Sea Man Tomato
Tigerella Tomato
Basil, Genovese
Gourmet Salad Blend
Summer Bib Lettuce

We were interested in trying some new things.  Some little folks I know have sensitives to acidic foods yet love such things as tomatoes.  I've read that yellow tomatoes are less so and thus: the Blondkopfchen Tomato.  I also wanted to teach the young folks about different varieties of so called "traditional" vegetables.  I cannot wait to show them purple carrots, striped and colorful tomatoes, and eat a variety of lettuces! Not to mention, boost my vitamin and mineral diet with kale [going to try making kale chips this year!], spinach and all the wonderfully colored goods!


Mini Scrap Exchange: Sneak Peak

All the prints I anticipated arriving have arrived, but not as many arrived as I had hoped.  I figured there would be a bit of a learning curve with the exchange [there always is when starting a new project], and indeed, I've got a few kinks to work out for next year such as timing, distribution, and call for entry methods.  

Still, I'm enjoying the experimental process!  I really enjoy this small size, and well, it's always wonderful to give, receive and swap prints!  Here's a little sneak peak of the last print I made for the exchange. . . Looking forward to sharing them all with you starting sometime late next week!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Arc-en-ciel: Subtle

I've been visiting Pinterest more recently and am really enjoying all the wonderful design, recipe, craft, and general awesome-ness sharing that goes on there.  In light of the passing Valentine's Day, I share this subtle rainbow, a lovely little miss hair 'dew', and some magic created with basic every day objects.  I love the simplicity of the created happy place.

 [ to learn more about these images, creations and such, 
visit my pin board Little People on Pinterest ]

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Arc-en-ciel: Toys

- - - { sigh } - - -

sewing, toys, rainbows

[ from the Aly Parrott Shop on Etsy ]

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mini Scrap Exchange: This and That

I picked up this nice olive ink pad for a hand carved stamp 
I plan on using for my mini prints.  Oh how I love this color! 

Low and behold, the first set of prints arrived!  
I just love that she mailed these in a teeny tiny mini envelope.  
So impressed they made it safe and sound.  
I am truly loving this tiny size!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lust a Small Space: Tiny Mobile Studio Quest

With this year's tax return, with funds I've saved and with the funds I raised, gulp, nearly two years ago, I'm finally ready to build my mobile studio.  The delay had to do with life choices and the finalized decision to build it on wheels - thus making it a far more expensive venture.  Non-the-less, this year is going to be the year.  In my planning for the big event, I've been revisiting just what I want to do with the space; how I'm going to utilize the space, design, efficiency etc.  A lot of decision making is going to depend on the trailer, which I have yet to purchase, due to size and weight limitations.  That being said, I've come across some very interesting things in my research.  One of which is this awesome idea: Range Studio, by a husband and wife team in CA.

On the short side of the story, this was built to fit into a parking spot and is being used as a studio for residencies and such.  I highly recommend you check out the website, Range Studio, for all the details and info, but in the mean time, let me ponder all the interesting ways I could take this idea and use it right here where I live.   

Take for example, First Fridays (let's not forget neighboring towns have special art events as well)!  A mobile art gallery! Perhaps one month a gallery, the next a live music venue all of which fits in a typical parking spot!  Connecting with community!  Grants to build a possibility? Sometimes a mini shop to sell my goods?  Sometimes a little workshop? Oh my my!  I'm so very excited about the ideas!   

I would think 4x8' or 5x8' would be good using nearly all refurbished goods.  .  . 

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