Saturday, March 28, 2015

Postcard Project 2015: Official Call for Entries

Here in lies the official call for entries for the 6th annual Rainboeliza Postcard Project! Open to one and all: artists, writers, children, adults, crafters, folks "without an ounce of art in their bones." Any and all are welcome and encourage to join! This year's theme is:

violet |ˈvī(ə)lətnouna herbaceous plant of temperate regions, typically having purple, blue, or white five-petaled flowers, one of which forms a landing pad for pollinating insects.[Genus Viola, family Violaceae (the violet family): many species, including the dog violet and sweet violet . See also viola2.][Genus Viola, family Violaceae (the violet family): many species, including the dog violet and sweet violet . See also viola2.]• used in names of similar-flowered plants of other families, e.g., African violet.a bluish-purple color seen at the end of the spectrum opposite red.adjectiveof a purplish-blue color.ORIGIN Middle Englishfrom Old French violette, diminutive of viole, from Latinviola violet.


The theme is VIOLET
Open to all and any interpretation!  

Must follow standard postcard format, meaning:
        • stamp in top right corner + address below 
• NO envelopes - period!
(well, unless the envelope is the postcard) 
The markings of the post office are what make it special!

Must include your name somewhere 
(anywhere on the postcard) 
so due credit can be given.

 Size? There are no size restrictions except it must be able to fit the stamp, address and your name. There also are no restrictions on how many postcards you send.

 What you do with the postcard beyond this is all you. . . creative, bought, gifted, "boring", cut, sliced, baked, glued, recycled, sewed, printed, painted, stacked, stained, smoked, hand-me-down, or perhaps it's made of plastic, wood, bamboo, cereal boxes, books, cloth, clay, or ??? 

Uh, do keep it legal please!

All entries must be postmarked by 
May 31st, 2015 
and addressed to:

c/o Rainboeliza
154 Endslow Road
Marietta, PA 17547



• All postcards will be photographed or scanned and uploaded to the Rainboeliza Facebook Page and blog as they are received.

• A studio opening/show maybe an option. Information will come on this as it is able.

• No postcards will be returned. By participating you're giving permission to have your postcard archived and displayed as part of the Rainboeliza Postcard Project.

• Please be sure to document your work before mailing. The Postal System is not 100% effective, which means your postcard may not arrive or may arrive damaged. Also, for those of you who like to break the rules (and I am a fan of rule breaking when it comes to art), but more specifically rule No.2 it would be great if you could email me an image of your postcard that way I know it is you and once again, I can give you credit.

• Cost of shipping your postcard is your responsibility and will clearly depend on your dimension weight etc.  Please check with your local Post Office.

• To see last year's entries for ideas or just because, click on the words "postcard project" at the top of this blog or to the right in the "cloud" of words.

• Questions? Email 

Postcard Project 2015 is on!  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rebuild Center

Ah ha! At long last I finally ventured out and discovered the Habitat for Humanity rebuild shop.  Needless to say, it is definitely making it to the "one of my newest favorite places" list!  In a mission to finish a desk I started to build, I wanted to find some sort of board or ? to finish it off.  I'm so stoked at what we picked out, but that project needs a little tweaking and finishing up before I share.  In the mean time I leave you a few images of interesting items currently in the shop.  

Oh, and I guess I should explain what it is!  Ha!  In Portland, one of my most favorite places to visit was the Rebuild It Center.  Actually, I'm not sure if that is the actual name, but that's how I remember it.  Anyway, it's a place where you can donate your old or new building materials.  I, as a consumer, can purchase the goods and reuse them in anyway I desire at a very discounted rate.  Oh the varied and amazing goods you can find at such a place.  The shop in Portland even had workshops which taught all sorts of tips and tricks for reusing old goods and making a new.   The shop here doesn't do such "fanciness," but the proceeds go to help build homes for those in need and what isn't win win about that?

Oh! Whatever could unused broom stick handles come in use for?
Ou la la. . . and lovely vintage hardware & doors!

I'm looking forward to utilizing my new find while building my studio 
and perhaps some other art projects too!  

Art:Toe: 2015 Here We Come - An Open Call

ART:TOE 2015
$5. bucks = 
52 chances to win the lottery 
+ two pieces of mail art

________[ Art:toe's Story ]________

Art:toe is a year long art project where the Mega Millions Lottery is played once a week from the second week in March 2015 through the second week in April 2015 [2014 turned out to be only slightly luckier then 2013. This year, we're thinking about the taxes we paid and what we're now due!] in an attempt to pay off my student loan debt [perhaps some of your debt as well, or?], create some dialog, and make some art too.  

We're going to continue along last year's line by asking for some input from you [should you choose to participate that is]! To keep folks more involved and excited about the project, I'm having everyone send their lucky numbers, keeping the upped potential winning payouts, and asking for folks to send an email or make a piece of art about how they're going to sponsor their four weeks [or you know, the year] with positive juju. Weekly postings turned out to be too cumbersome the first year and so we'll be doing updates every so often with lucky advice from all of you!  

p.s. This year's logo is not quite done. . . Perhaps I will reveal with the very first postcard!

_________ [ To Join ]_________  

[13 U.S. resident participants only: First come first serve]

• Email to reserve a spot/make sure a spot is available.

Once Confirmed:
  • Each participant puts in $5.oo 
    • [$4.oo directly supports 4 weeks of the 52 : [13x4=52 weeks] & $1.oo goes toward two handmade postcards made by me and sent to you during the current ART:TOE year]
  • Each participant confirms their mailing address via email to, helps choose the potential winning numbers [numbers played for the entire year will be put in a hat and pulled out at random]. Each person should also send a few words, sentences, or a little piece of art or two describing a lucky ritual, what will be done with the potential winnings or some other topic related to Art:Toe.   

________[ Potential Pay-out ]________

• Winnings up to $71.oo will go towards my student loan debt, I do, after all, make, create, email, and stand in line every week to buy a lotto ticket ;)

• At $72.oo and upward ALL winnings get split between the 13 evenly.  Why $72.oo?  At seventy two dollars, all will get back the full five invested and it allows for shipping costs too.

_________[Take Note]_________

By supporting the project you are doing so on good will and not for expected financial gain.  It is first and foremost an art project!  However, should the project gain great winnings [remember chances are slim. please visit the Mega Millons website to view and better understand the chances of winning], I will do my best to handle the affair.  That being said, it would be prudent to hire an attorney to ensure that contractually the lottery officials split the winnings appropriately in each persons name - think time, taxes, and the unexpected.  I am, clearly human and do make miscalculations. So, bear with me!  I will do my best to be honest, timely and true!  

Thank You & Happy Winnings!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

M: Mail Art

Always a joy to receive!

Art:toe: The End of 2014

This year's Art:Toe project has come to an end, but 2015 is far closer then around the bend. First up, however, a few last postcards to send. Check!

[ $12. Is more than $9.
but less than a million. ]

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gardening 2015: Seedlings

Garden 2015 is underway! So looking forward to biting into all the many varieties of tomatoes and more! Fingers crossed for an excellent growing season!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Arc-en-ciel: Click My Heels

Somewhere in the twenty year ago range, I went to my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.  Walking into the grand occasion, I meltled at the knees when I saw my family had decorated for the occasion with a giant ballon rainbow spanning the entire gymnasium like room.  I remember marveling at it all night and when they attached it to my grandparents car as they left for home, was sadden to see nearly every ballon pop along the way. . . Alas, it was a magical evening and site all the same.  

This week, I chanced upon this replica from the Oh Happy Day Blog [ i find she likes to feature rainbow projects often ] and all I could think of was clicking my heels three times and allowing the helium balloons to take me away to some other magical place. . . . 

I highly recommend you check out the Oh Happy Day Blog
but I added her image tutorial here incase you wanted to give it a go!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Arc-en-ciel: Luck of the Irish!

Ah, this time next week we'll be celebrating the joyful St. Patty's day!  
This popped up in feedly and I felt I had to share. . . Such a cute idea! 

 [ find the how-to tutorial on the Oh Happy Day Blog ]

Mini Scrap Exchange: Heath Walton

Fold in half and it's appears 3x3"
Open up for far bigger Hopes and Dreams!


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