Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lust a Small Space: Bathing

Normally I am completely stoked for fall, but for the first time ever, I've been nothing but bummed about it.  I have no desire to enter into the holiday season full of unjust consumerism, greed and waste.  My job especially keeps me from enjoying time with family this time of year.  I would have to say that on the whole, nothing feels quite right.  The only thing I wouldn't mind would be some sort of romantic or full on friend+family hay ride at dusk with blankets, cider and a bonfire to boot.  However, I don't have this sort of family togetherness and no close friends live even remotely near. Sigh of sighs, my mind is playing a romantic movie version of my life.

My birthday happens to be ever near and I'm wondering if the ole aging process is to blame...  In the last year I've somehow come to the realization of my limitations.  This is partially do to my biological clock, societal issues [which I'm not going to go into now], and simply not allowing myself to be free.  I've been giving all of my energies to entities that neither appreciate or give back in a direction that will move me toward my dreams.  I alone have allowed myself to falter, waver, stumble through the last few years hoping for more, but the more I received was not the more I needed.  Oh sadness.

With sunlight falling short, and shorter with each passing day [though the sunrise and sunsets have been glorious], I love how these folks brought nature inward.  Almost nothing feels better then a nice warm bath this time of year - some steam, essential oils, a candle or two.  Perfect for helping to heal my fall[ing] hues.

[ images from Remodelista ]

Art:toe: Winnings

Dear Art:Toers, 
During my morning trip to indulge myself in some much needed coffee, 
I cashed in our two big winning tickets and picked up a ticket for tonight's drawing. 
Cross your fingers and toes, we need all the luck we can get!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Work in Progress: Opps

Ah.  I spent the day carving this only to discover that I carved the wrong circle and thus, the wrong size [too big].  I only realized my mistake after mixing ink, test printing for color and making small carving fixes.  Ugh.  Back to the carving board it is.  Anyway, more images of the work in progress, though, I got caught up in the carving and didn't take many stages [the last three are ultra subtle].  I'm still considering one more change, but I think I need to sleep on it.  Wednesday: Starting from scratch - again!

Arc-en-ciel: Swatches

Because what's not to love about these had dyed rainbow swatches! 
Depending on the fabric, I believe I could think up a few 
[or many more] wonderful sewing projects. . . 

[ from the stephmodo blog ]

Works in Progress: Banjaw

I was doing this for a friend's band logo contest, but the deadline has come and gone and I didn't bother to submit it.  I knew it wasn't what they were looking for and I simply felt the need to do it for the sake of doing it.  Also, as I've previously mentioned, I bought an i pod touch so that I could do more blogging and such on the go.  Well, it hasn't worked out quite as planned.  In fact, I cannot figure out how to readjust images or align them when doing a blog posting from the itouch, though I can make and save drafts which cuts time when I'm at an actual computer.  Extremely frustrated with it I most certainly am.  

As you can probably tell too, I'm working on the whole photo issue in general - taking, touching up, adding elements.  I've got a serious learning curve here, and the latest itouch update didn't help matters.  Still, I'm learning and non-the-less, sharing some work in progress.  As for the image itself, I've been considering changes to make it more logo-esk, or simply scrapping that all together and carving away [very carefully mind you] the letters to make it all just pattern.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Arc-en-ciel: Fading

It's that time of year where leaves are changing and color is fading.  
Though I fully enjoy these crayons, 
I feel like they are following the fall flow too.  
Vintage can be oh so lovely. . . 

[ item came from Etsy shop: Cut from the Same Cloth ]

Gardening: Near the End

It's decidedly so, near the very end of the growing season. Still there are some gems peaking their heads and others bleeding themselves red. We'll take what we're given to the very end!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another NY Venture

I've posted about the Pollack Krasner House and our trip to Montauk.  Today: it's all about our trip to the Longhouse Garden Reserve.  It's in East Hampton, NY and was created by Jack Lenor, a designer who wanted to combine art and nature and share it as living art or perhaps phrased better, living with art (as apposed to mass produced goods that lose there authenticity).  I highly recommend you take a look at the Longhouse Reserve website for all the details, stories, programs, and of course, if you get to East Hampton, check it out in person.   The gardens have permeant sculptures but also changing exhibitions and when we were there it was about unique handcrafted outdoor furniture.  I took a load of pictures, but I'm only posting the ones I enjoyed most, which mostly involved nature, texture and form.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Arc-en-ciel: Home


Still longing for the day where I have a place that feels like home.
One where I can go out and travel, but always come back to.
One where love lives in many forms.
One where art resides.

[ from the Little Canoe Shop on Etsy ]

Friday, September 5, 2014

Arc-en-ciel: Nap

Let's take a nap on a cloud of rain. . . 

[ from the Picklehead Shop on Etsy ]

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