Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yearning: Elisa Hirt


[ screenprint ]


Monday, November 24, 2014

Yearning: Donald Sawyer Jr.


[ linocut relief ]

AKA: DonTon
You can find him on

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yearning: DeAnn Jeremy


Spirit Journey
[ etching, aquatint, color pencil ]


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Arc-en-ciel: Seasons Change

Where oh where has my summer gone?  
No pining was there for summer to end -
Only joyous basking in bounties bestowed.  

Summer was not bound to blistering woes,
but rather mild shining and lush-full growth.  
I miss it.  
Come back!  

Winter, I'm afraid, you're feeling like foe. . . 
Woeful even - 
The bluest of blues.  
Please, I beg, share some of your radiant love. . . 

[ from the Sarah Trumbauer Creatives Shop on Etsy ]
[ no really, check this shop out - such intricately beautiful work! ]

Yearning: Daryl DePry


Studios' Seduction
[ relief reduction ]

You can find Daryl on Flicker

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Yearning: Cherish Prado-Sherman

[ so you could read it a bit more intimately ]


Moving Forward
[ letterpress ]


Monday, November 17, 2014

Mini Scrap Exchange: Call for Entries

I don't know about you, but I typically have scraps of paper left from just about every project I do and they are always hanging about the studio. One afternoon I took the time to sort out a respective place for all these scraps and holy smokes, I was over come by how much I have.  While in art school, I would do a sort of mass production of mini prints to use things up and then sell them at the annual Holiday Art Sale (which might I add, I cleaned up at every year!), but since then I haven't had much time to set up or attend to such an event thanks to my busy work life, and so, I was struck with the idea of a mini scrap exchange.  I mean, what else shall I do with all these scraps?  Time to put them to use!

Ah, but also, remember that set of prints you may have done that seemed like it was going to be great and then ended up as a real doozie? Maybe it's time to salvage it!  Cut out the part you like!  Maybe cut up the entire thing and print over, sew onto, or whatever ails you!  Now is a great time to clean house - and hey!  You never know what might happen in the process!

Anyway, I want this exchange to be a little less formal so that I can open it up and allow as many folks as I possible. I also want to keep it themeless so folks can be as open as they would like.  And lastly, I want folks to be able to use a grand amount of scrap up and feel good about it. So, I've allowed folks to send me as many sets as they would like. (Of course, you should see below for details). As this is the first go-around with this exchange, I'm sure to experience a bit of a learning curve. So I ask you to bear with me, but most of all, have a grand time printing & experimenting!

____________________________[ DEADLINES ] 
[ January 15th, 2015 ]
  • Signup & Email : to confirm
  • A running list of signed up participants can be found on this here blog on the right under the title: MINI SCRAP EXCHANGE
[ February 2nd, 2015 ]
  • Yahooo! I'm finished and my prints are postmarked!
[ February 20th, 2015 ] 
  • Tentative reship assembled portfolio date.

___________________________[ GENERAL SPECS ]
[ THEME ] 
  • None - You are open to do what you please - though keep it legal please!
  • 2"x2" or 3"x3" (2D only)*
    • You can choose either size and/or you can also choose to do an edition of both sizes
  • unlimited*
  • Each edition must include 11* identical prints signed and numbered 1-11*. *(One print from each set of prints gets archived with Rainboeliza Studios for future possible exhibitions etc. )  
  • Here is the kicker: You can do as many edition sets of 11 as you would like provided that each set is different. Let's say you send in two sets of 2x2" prints and one of 3x3" prints. In return, you will get two mini portfolios of 2x2" prints and another of 3x3" prints at an edition of 10 each from different folks (hopefully different folks - this depends on number of participants vs portfolios sent) = a total of 30 prints!! 
[ MEDIUM ] Any print medium**
  • **If doing strictly photography, it needs to be either on alternative paper or it needs to have a second element to it such as sewing, collage, embossment, stamp etc. Please email me with any questions regarding the additional required specs. 
[ FEE ] 
  • $3. USD (for up to three sets of prints. If sending more then three sets of prints, add $1 for each additional set of mini prints sent.) covers shipping cost, mini colophon and mailing materials.
  • Can be paid by cash, check, money order or through paypal.

Please note that by participating in this exchange you give the right to Rainboeliza Studios to use the image of your print on the blog, Facebook page,  future publications (to promote a future print exchange or catalog), and/or exhibitions.  However, you shall always be given credit where credit is due!  If you have information you would like to share (ex. website etc.) when I initially publish your image on the blog, please share it via email or when mailing the prints.  

All questions can be directed to email at

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Yearning: Caressa Givens


[ block relief ]


Friday, November 14, 2014

Yearning: Akemi Ohira


[ mezzotint ]


Lust a Small Space: Ahhhhh!

I think I start most of these off with how much I love them, and this would be no different.  Yes, I would of course change a few things - actually many.  The choice of art would need to change as well as no carpet, ix-na the ramp outside, less furniture and perhaps that guest bedroom/dining room could also be the art room?? Overall, the layout for this one is a bit different from the rest and makes it awfully appealing!

No fish or ottoman for me . . . 
but yes oh yes to that hanging chair & fireplace!

Earth toned and open kitchen living space floor plan - Yes!

 I love the pull down options here - either a table/desk or a bed!
Now where could I fit my art supplies and press?  

I do love the sliding frosted window doors - 
reminds me of my portable print studios. . . 

Perhaps a little throw rug for me instead of carpet, please!

The bathroom is just okay - nothing really sparkling to note here.

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