Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Arc-en-ciel: Scream!

Ah, pure joy.  

This comes from a lovely blog I follow called Elsie Marley.  She is an amazing artist who sews, sews, sews! Lately she's been turning her kids drawings into wearables. I am so inspired by the clothes she makes, projects she takes on and oh so much more!  You should definitely take a moment to check her blog out!  Tons of freebees, tutorials and more!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lust a Small Space: Peace, Tea, Nature

I'm afraid I don't know the exact source of this image [sorry], but if there was a heaven, this time, space, place, moment would be mine.  Doesn't it have the feel of a purely blissful moment?  I can just imagine spending a summer into late fall here reading, exploring, creating, cooking, contemplating.  Oh how one can dream! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Arc-en-ciel: Like This

This little fox pretty much sums up how I've been feeling this week with the exception of a cheek that is twice it's normal size.  I started with a toothache on the right side of my mouth Monday. I thought maybe it was just the barometric pressure taking me for a ride (a few thunderstorms in which I saw my first rainbow since I visited Portland last September. . . Two double rainbows two nights in a row. . . What could it mean??) and so I switched to eating on the opposite side.  Tuesday came and all of a sudden my tooth on the left was quite painful to the chew.  I gave it over night and when the pain started being all the time I gave my dentist a ring.  It was Wednesday and they couldn't see me until next Tuesday - WHAT? Thursday arrived and the ole face started to swell, swell, swell.  I tried calling my dentist again, but to no avail.  It's a small practice and I believe they've gone on vacation.  Thus, I gave in and went to an urgent care dentist, against my best intuition, only to find they are in fact terrible.  I waited for hours for them to do things they didn't need to do and ultimately, they did nothing at all for my agony, but instead confirmed what I pretty much already knew.   To my disappointment, I must wait for Tuesday and hope they actually so something asap that very day.  Until then, a very puffy sad rainbow taking medicine.  Bah! 

Ah, and I threw this one in just because I enjoyed it.  
The shop also has some rainbow horses 
and hedge hogs that are ever so cute!

[ From the Hanako Shop on Etsy ]

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gardening: One Week

I find it amazing to see what can happen and grow and produce and even die all in one week!  Mother nature sure is awesome!  Though our first round of spinach is at it's end, a new batch is coming in, and just when I thought the sugar peas were through, they started to bloom once again.  The watermelon has more then tripled in size [it's a small breed, mind you], and the cucumbers are in full force.  Now, if we could just get our poor peppers to really sprout up and those tomatoes to turn red!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kickstarter Thanks

A couple of months ago I gave a small donation to my fellow friends, Alia & Jason's, Kickstarter to help raised funds so they could move their printshop into a store front to grow their dream and business.  I am happy to announce that not only did they raise the needed funds with a little extra, but they are all moved in and with an added press to boot.  I'm so happy and thrilled to watch their progress!  It moves this little heart of mine.  Anyway, I just wanted to share the gems that just arrived in the mail from them as part of my Kickstarter reward:

I cannot wait to send one out. In fact, I think I'll do it this very afternoon!  You should take a moment to checkout their sweet Darling Press Website or stop by and visit if you live in PDX.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Work in Progress: Stages

Day two: Carving into the circle! [I guess I should back up and let you know that Day One was cleaning up the studio to work and carving out the nearly 7" across circle.]  I thought it might be kind of interesting to see some of the progression of carving.  It seems there are always a few moves I'm stoked about and then a few I'm not so pleased about. . . 

[ just a close up detail ]

At the moment I'm feeling a little stuck on what the next move should be.  In this case, stepping away for a meal, a snack, a nap, or currently a night's sleep is the best way to continue.  When things are feeling stale, fresh eyes are important!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gardening: Budding Produce

It's a growing!  Though, not all of it is doing as well as we'd like, and I realized I made some key mistakes when planting the beds.  For example, I planted the tomatoes there to the far left closest to the east.  Thus, they got the most sunlight, which made them grow grow grow, but sadly they overshadowed the poor peppers!  Granted, we also planted the peppers a little later and as seeds straight into the bed vs. the peppers we started as seeds on the porch and so by the time they got to the beds, they were already well on their way.  Oh well, overall things are doing A. - O.K.

Ah, and these we planted to the side of the house away from the beds.  Since it's the first year for the raspberries, they're coming in slow [so looking forward to next year's bounty!].  Also, I think we may be having a little issue with some hungry bugs chomping away at the leaves.  Mmm, mmm and the baby watermelons are coming along just fine!

Holy smokes!  I almost forgot!  It's mulberry season.  How wonderful it has been to walk to the back of the yard each eve for the last couple of weeks and fill our bellies with these gems!  Sadly, it's pretty much the end of them, but we sure did eat our fill!

Art:toe 2013: Luck of the Rabbit

It's more then about time I share some more luck by our fellow artist participant, Jeslyn.  Let's us hippity hop our way to some millions for the bunch of us to share, eh?  A dollar nest egg won't get us very far. . .

Monday, July 7, 2014

Arc-en-ciel: Elements

Today, these made me happy - the elements of a rainbow.

a few clouds
a feeling of blue
and a little sunshine too.

Perhaps the combo could make this rainbow:

[ from top to bottom: 
all found on Etsy]

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lust a Small Space: Family Style

I've been thinking an awful lot lately.  Sometimes it's a good thing, mmm, other times not so much.  I'm not entirely certain where my current line of thinking resides, but I do feel excited about it - even a little hopeful (and that is saying quite a bit).  So, you may ask?  What is this train of thought? - starting a family of my own or in other words, becoming a single mother.  I've been let down more then once in the dating department - crushed, burned, cheated to be a little more exact.  I'm ready, more then ever, (don't get me wrong I'm scared and nervous too) to unravel the next layer.  I  feel I've waited for the "right" person to enter stage left and whisk me off my feet for a happy ever after ending long enough.  I don't really believe this exists.  Let me rephrase that, I don't believe it happens the way in which we expect and there seems to be a compromise or a series of them and for every circumstance, thus making the fairy tail ending highly unlikely.

Anyway, my thoughts have been about the potential living situation.  Of course I love the tiny house idea, but is a tiny house on wheels too small for raising a child?  Is it too restraining to say carry an infant or toddler up a ladder? Or how do I design for an infant to a child below?  You know, for sleeping and simply allowing for a small amount of personal space?  How do I have enough space for an art area?  Puzzling I know.  That is why slightly larger smaller spaces, say 300-500 square feet, are feeling a bit more appealing to me lately.  However, they do pose more restrictions on building and, of course, lack of mobility.  Still, this Modern Cabin has been appealing to me in terms of size.  Regarding decorating choices, the deck and overall layout, well, I think the space could be better utilized.

Instead of having the kitchen as a narrow hallway, I'd just make it part of the overall living space.  I enjoy cooking and talking with folks as I do.  So, why make it separate?  Instead, I'd use that space for, perhaps a child's space?  For the short run I could stash my art supplies in the loft bedroom area and down the road build a little studio space "out back."  Oh the dreaming. . . Now if only I had the finances. . . . Mind you, my current line of thinking is only in the beginning phases and one ever knows just what might happen. . .

[ to read more about this tiny place, 
please visit Tiny House Swoon ]

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